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“Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” If not, you’re missing out. Ever since being introduced to ItWorks in 2014, I’ve been in love with the products because honestly, it works. As you may already know, ItWorks, is also known as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret” – tighten, tone, and firm in just 45 minutes. Sounds […] Read more…

Bouqs – A Better Way to Do Flowers


Bouqs I believe in sending flowers not just on the “obligated” celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc… but really to show someone a true token of your appreciation. Because flowers can say so much – Jasmine | Grace + Elegance Pink Carnations | Gratitude  Red Rose | Passionate love White Tulips | […] Read more…

The Produce Box

the produce box ashley show

Produce Box. Admit it, you’ve tried a meal subscription plan (probably because of the first free offer before you cancel your credit card…) and loved the way the ingredients were prepped fresh along with their signature recipe cards. I know I loved it. After a few boxes later and declined payments, I cancelled my account simply […] Read more…

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