Ms. South Carolina American Beauty Delegate 2017


Talk about taking a leap of faith, stepping out of your comfort zone, venturing into a world that you’ve only had “behind the scene” experience to now being on the main stage. I am thrilled and honored that I am Ms. South Carolina American Beauty delegate for the American Beauty Pageant. I am on a 360 transformation journey mentally and physically and putting myself out there to ultimately better myself and become a stronger person.
Platform charity that I will be representing: Holly Fisher Foundation. As many of you know, I am a huge advocate for higher education and know that it can be a burden on today’s students. In honor of my late designer friend, Holly Fisher, I co-founded this charity earlier this year to award scholarships to students enrolled in Art schools to help the pursue their Degrees and go after their dreams and career.
I compete in Nationals the week of June 19-21, 2017 in Orlando, Florida and I need you love and support to help me prepare and get there to ultimately, win. My goal is to raise $1500 to help with the major expenses. I will be doing a monthly blog/journey to share with everyone to show you just how hard I am working on this. I am ready for the challenge and I know that they’ll be hard days ahead I know with your encouragement, I can succeed.